June 25, 2021

Siren Soapbox Episode 31: R U Happy?

This week the sirens went WAY outside their comfort zones and into the deep end to discover one of the secrets of life- Happiness, everyone is chasing it, but what is the key to achieving it? Society will tell us the latest and greatest technology gadgets, power, money, luxurious name brands, fancy cars, and big houses, all lead to happiness. But what if it was simpler than that? That is what Tik Tok and Instagram sensation R U Happy? creator Atdhe Trepca is exploring, the art of true happiness. He does this by asking random people he meets three simple questions: Are you Happy? What is the source of your happiness? And if you could give one message to the world, what would it be? Three very easy and yet very powerful questions. Tune in and discover what truly makes people happy! Challenge of the Week: Practice smiling at everyone you encounter. Notice feeling happier? Let us know #SirenSoapbox #SirenSoapbox #DiveIn #StayCurious #BeHappy #DiveInStayCuriousBeHappy #RUHAPPY #socialexperiment #happiness #AtdheTrepca #documentary #MakeADifference #ChallengeOfTheWeek #Explore #Adventure #Challenge #Podbean #Spotify #Pandora #IHeartRadio 



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