June 18, 2021

Siren Soapbox Episode 30: Geocaching

Recently, we have been dealing with a lot of topics on self discovery and are going to do something a little bit more light hearted today- the topic is Geocaching, the world’s largest treasure hunt! The first geocache was placed on May 3rd, 2000. The rules are simple: download the app, geocaching, follow the gps navigation and clues to the cache. When you find it- make sure to act cool, you don't want to give away the secret to “muggles” (these are non-players), take a prize and leave a prize of equal value and sign the log book. Make sure to put the cache back in the same hiding spot for the next player. Then you log your find into your app. Be sure to always be aware of your surroundings and follow local rules. It is always nice to “cache in, trash out” as they say.. Meaning as you are on the trails, leave them prettier than you found them by taking out any garbage you see. Tune in to hear about the Siren's experience with geocaching! Challenge of the Week: Get out in your area and have an adventure! Go on a treasure hunt! Geocache, and tell us the best treasure you found, maybe it’ll be in a cache you find OR maybe it’ll be part of the journey! #SirenSoapbox #DiveIn #StayCurious #BeHappy #DiveInStayCuriousBeHappy #Geocache #geocaching #treasure #hunt #treasurehunt #MakeADifference #ChallengeOfTheWeek #Explore #Adventure #Challenge #Podbean #Spotify #Pandora #IHeartRadio 



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